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St Mary's in the 1930sFor around 150 years, people have gathered at St Mary’s, Cadogan Street to worship and to give thanks to Almighty God. Throughout its history parishioners have praised a generous God; in turn they have sought to contribute generously of themselves—in time, talent and treasure—to ensure that St Mary’s continues for generations to come.


St. Mary’s Society is an organisation which became dormant many years ago and has now been revived to support the ministries of the Parish through prayer and generosity. Its members are all remembering St Mary’s in their Wills. Every member agrees to pray for our Parish and the Catholic Church. Each especially remembers in prayer the Holy Souls of previous benefactors. On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, an annual special Mass will be offered for all past and present members of St Mary’s Society. You are invited and encouraged to become a member of the Society, for in so doing you will also be helping to preserve and strengthen the financial well-being both of the vital ministries and of the magnificent fabric of this historic Church.

How can I now help St Mary’s?

Through legacies -monies left in Wills by individual parishioners over the years - many of our forebears have helped to sustain our clergy, staff and buildings. Major parts of the Church and Rectory are listed due to their age and their architectural importance. Legacies are vital in contributing toward the costs of renewing these buildings. They also help to strengthen St Mary’s future by creating an endowment fund for future expenses.

Why should I make a Will?

Few of us contemplate old age or death, yet we plan our daily lives in detail. It is our Christian duty to plan how to distribute our assets and monies after our death. Since all that we have is a gift from God, is it not our duty to be thoughtful stewards of all our gifts—in life and in death? In fact, without a Will our loved ones might not receive what we intend for them; or, our estate could even go to the State.

Why not reduce inheritance tax on your death?

It is wise to think about inheritance tax since by law the Government may be able to take forty percent of your estate over the first few hundred thousand pounds.
This could have a negative impact on your family, particularly if you own significant property, as its value is included in the above figure. Meanwhile everything you give to St Mary’s would be tax free; so you can use a legacy to reduce the amount of tax that your estate will pay.

How do I make a Will?

If you have no Will, ask your solicitor to prepare one. If you have an existing Will, consider making a codicil or amendment to it. In either case you can give a specific amount of money, a percentage share of your estate or a particular item to St Mary’s. By including St Mary’s, Cadogan Street in your Will, you become a member of the Society.
If you do not have a solicitor of your own, or have insufficient means, but would like to leave some or all of your assets to St Mary’s, please speak to the Parish Priest who will have the names of several Catholic solicitors who are willing to help.


If you have any questions, please call the Parish Priest on 020 7589 5487, or email him on:   It would also be very helpful if you could inform him, if you have left a legacy to St. Mary’s in your Will, .


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