Planned Giving

The purpose of planned giving is to ask parishioners to think about whether they are giving the right amount to their parish. This is important because parishes do not receive any central support. They are required to be self financing.

What this means is that we will need the help of those of you who are in a reasonably strong financial position. Only you can decide what you can do to help but, if you haven’t already done so, particularly if you are new to the parish, please consider the following:

Am I giving the right amount of money each week?

Some people put £1 or less in the weekly collection and, if that is all you can afford, you shouldn’t give more. But please think about the place of the parish in your life and whether you are giving what you can afford.
To enable us to plan ahead, please let us know what you hope to give each week / month to St Mary's by completing a Pledge Form .   We know circumstances change and this can always be amended at any stage.

Please click here to download a Pledge Form

What happens to the parish when I am not here?

It is not always possible to come to St Mary’s every week but the parish is still here and we still need to pay the bills even when you cannot come. Please consider giving a regular amount each week / month. You can do this by setting up a monthly banker's standing order or by using weekly envelopes to give. With the latter, when you next return to the Church, you can hand in those you were unable to give while you were away.

Please click here to download a Banker's Standing Order Form
Envelopes can be ordered by using the Pledge Form

Why don’t I get the Government to add 25p to every £1 that I give at no cost to myself?

If you pay tax in the UK, please consider giving with Gift Aid because, if you do, the Government will top up your donation – providing the parish with an extra 25p for every £1 that you give. All you have to do is complete the Gift Aid declaration on the pledge form for us to use with your Standing Order or Envelopes so that we can claim the right amount from the Government.


Please return your Forms when completed to the Rectory Office or hand them to one of the Welcomers at Mass.


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