The Holy FatherPapal Visit

16-19 September 2010

TELEVISION COVERAGE: The BBC will be covering all the key events of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Britain from the 16-19 September across TV, Radio and online, and has announced details of coverage of the major live events, anchored by Huw Edwards for BBC TV and Edward Stourton for radio. Also EWTN–Sky Channel 598 is covering everything. There are details at the back of Church.

Friday 17 September: At around 17:00 the Pope will travel in the Popemobile from Lambeth Palace across Lambeth Bridge and along Millbank. The Pope arrives at the Palace of Westminster at around 17:15. There will be limited space along this route and limited vantage points from which to see the Pope.
Saturday 18 September: At 18:00 the Pope will travel in the Popemobile along Horse Guards
Road, The Mall, Constitution Hill and Hyde Park Corner before arriving at Hyde Park for the Prayer
Vigil at around 18:30.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols on some aspects of the Holy Father's visits:
"From this country's point of view there are profound historic and cultural implications and ramifications for the visit. And I suspect that these will be conveyed as much in the images as in some of the speeches and the words. So the image of Her Majesty The Queen welcoming Pope Benedict and formally greeting
each other is one that will resonate through the story of this land. When the Pope enters Westminster
Hall on the Friday to address politicians, diplomats, leaders of this society, that will be another very
historic and resonant moment. The Pope will pause at the spot at which Saint Thomas More, the
Lord Chancellor of England, was condemned to death in 1535 for his Catholic faith.""He will also, with the Archbishop of Canterbury, go to pray at the tomb of St Edward the Confessor, the canonised King of England, the founder of Westminster Abbey. And that too will enable us, as it were, to reach back into the deeper roots of who this nation is, who we are, and what our cultural roots are, and how refreshing they can be when they are seen to be a living source of inspiration for people today. And I think the fact that the Pope will also meet with leaders of society, who are men and women of all the different faiths present in this country, will also be a moment in which the Pope affirms the role of the breadth of faith in God as found here as a contributor to the common good."
The Metropolitan Police said: "While security issues will be paramount, the Met Police is working
with HM Government, event organisers and other partners to ensure routes for the Popemobile are
designed with the aim of affording the public the best possible opportunity of seeing Pope Benedict.
Those wishing to see the Pope are advised to plan their trips well in advance and head for the central
London Popemobile routes to avoid disappointment."

CATHOLIC STATISTICS: As 31 December 2009, Great Britain has a population of 59,381,000
of whom 5,264,000 (8.87 percent) are Catholic. There are 32 Dioceses and 2,977 parishes. Currently
there are 59 bishops, 5,225 priests, 6,497 religious, 160 lay members of secular institutes and 34,669
catechists. Minor seminarians number 2, and major seminarians 245. A total of 806,334 children
and young people attend 2,828 centres of Catholic education, from kindergartens to universities.
Other institutions belonging to the Church, or run by priests or religious in Great Britain include 8
hospitals, 1 clinic, 171 homes for the elderly or disabled, 79 orphanages and nurseries, 94 family
counselling centres and other pro-life centres, 147 centres for education and social rehabilitation, and
31 institutions of other kinds.

PAPAL BLOG ON THE DIOCESAN WEBSITE: Earlier this week we launched a Papal Blog on
the diocesan website at . Please could you let your parish know about
this? We would be delighted to receive Papal Visit stories from your parish to use on the blog and
these can be emailed to


PAPAL PRAYER: We have already held 3 prayer vigils which have been great. Those who are going on Pilgrimage are especially invited to attend but it is open to everyone. Prayer, hymns, instruction and reflection shape the evening. Come along for the final one on Wednesday evening at 8pm in the St Thomas More Room.

MAGNIFICAT PAPAL PRAYER BOOK: This beautiful prayer book is published. It has all the prayers etc needed for the papal visit. Whether you go to the events or watch it home on the TV, this prayer book is a must. At the back of the church there are lots of these prayer books. Please take them with you. There is no price on the prayer book because the organisers want it to be used widely. However, there is a donation basket with the books and our Archbishop asks that, if you can afford it, a donation of £2 would be welcomed. All income from the books will be used to help pay the costs of the visit.

TELEVISION COVERAGE: The BBC will be covering all the key events of Pope Benedict XVI‟s visit to Britain from the 16-19 September across TV, Radio and online, and has announced details of coverage of the major live events, anchored by Huw Edwards for TV and Edward Stourton for radio.
To provide expert advice on the significance of each of the ceremonies, accompanying Huw and Ed in each location will be presenters and specialists, including Monsignor Mark Langham, who now works for the Vatican"s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and was the former Administrator of Westminster Cathedral, Monsignor Rod Strange, Rector of the Pontifical Beda College in Rome and the Anglican Bishop of Gibraltar, The Right Reverend Geoffrey Rowell.
BBC Television‟s special live programmes will begin on BBC One Daytime on Thursday 16 September with The Pope‟s arrival and Official State Greeting by Her Majesty The Queen in Edinburgh. This will be followed later in the day on BBC Two with a live broadcast of Pope Benedict‟s first celebration of Mass in Britain at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, with Sally Magnusson leading the commentary.
On Friday 17 September BBC Two and Radio 4 LW will broadcast live from Westminster Abbey where the Pope will join the Archbishop of Canterbury in a celebration of Evening Prayer. Huw Edwards will present for TV and Edward Stourton will be joined by Monsignor Mark Langham on Radio 4.
BBC Two Daytime will broadcast a live relay of the Papal Mass from Westminster Cathedral on Saturday 18 September, when Pope Benedict will celebrate Mass with the Bishops of England and Wales and representatives from Dioceses and organisations from across the country. Expert analysis for the Westminster Cathedral Mass will be provided by Monsignor Mark Langham.
Over 80,000 worshippers are expected at Cofton Park for The Beatification Mass of John Henry Newman on Sunday 19 September. BBC Two Daytime will provide full coverage of the Mass of Beatification where Pope Benedict will declare Cardinal John Henry Newman, "Blessed‟. Radio Four‟s Sunday Morning Programme and a special edition Sunday Worship will both also be broadcast live from the scene in the lead up to the main ceremony.
The BBC will also be covering other events during the Papal Visit on the BBC News Channel Please check for the latest information concerning the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom

ST MARYS COMMUNITY AT THE PAPAL VISIT: .Not all of us can go to the events but Archbishop Vincent is keen that all of us should celebrate this weekend together On Saturday evening 18th September, I have arranged for the Hall at St Thomas More School Language College to be available. In the Hall there will be a large screen which will be bringing in live the evening service at Hyde Park. As a community we can join the many thousands who are actually in the park Just outside the hall there is a lovely tiered area where we can relax and eat. Why not come as a family and bring a picnic? The whole event will be informal but I hope it will be truly catholic in that we will celebrate both spiritually and socially this unique event. Please come along. The Hall will be open from 3pm onwards

BENEDICT XVI'S PRAYER INTENTIONS FOR SEPTEMBER: Pope Benedict's general prayer intention for September is: "That in less developed parts of the world the proclamation of the Word of God may renew people's hearts, encouraging them to work actively toward authentic social progress"

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